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Dance and Film

I find this world unfathomably complex. Normal paradigms of understanding (science, math etc) can only carry us so far into the center. Art making is a mill for digesting the raw, amorphous and abstruse materials of life into a shared human experience where audience, performer and creator can all come to a common understanding of what “this” all means. Of what it means to be a human. The body is the deciphering tool we have been given in this endeavor and paradoxically, as it stands now, that tool is often the most enigmatic and undecipherable mystery to us all. I find that oddly frustrating…and wildly exciting. I am continually lit up by new roads that allow me to traverse further into that body. I continually find comfort in patterns and happiness in breaking them. I believe that both are important. My work examines the relationship of humanity and environment through the vocabulary of movement, film, text and sound. I am interested in both the natural and unnatural laws that govern our world, our relationships, and the ever-present pulsation of this space we inhabit. The breath is an inexhaustible source of intrigue for me. It’s connects us to the present moment, as the breath is only happening now. It is the drawing in of this world into our selves, and then the comingling of ourselves back with the world. My art is the play between the inhale and exhale.

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