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Dance and Yoga

An educator for the past 17 years, I have been helping people connect more deeply to their bodies, no matter their current level of physical activity. 

I believe that in this evolving world, the ability for an artist to have a connection to their body that is based in present centered awareness, sound biomechanics and breath is crucial. I carry this ethos into the private training facility for dancers age two to eighteen that I own. I believe that It is the right of every human to have a deep, mutually beneficial and life-affirming connection to their body. 

When teaching, the approach to learning is as important as the subject matter, if not more. The states that are created, through both the external environment and focused activity (i.e. meditation and breath work) make it possible for students to connect to a frequency that allows for learning and lasting synthesis of information to take place. 

Teaching for me is not about a transmission of knowledge, but a guiding of one unique person towards key realizations.  The realization the we are conscious beings if we choose to be. That we are complete as we are, and that art-making is a recognition of that wholeness.

Teaching: Classes
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